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SocAll - Football Statistics Software
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Football Statistics Software

SocAll software is designed for football fans and bettors. Football statistics program offers collection and analysis of football stats and predictions on forthcoming matches. Football stats through this software are presented on your desktop into a very convenient form! Using football software SocAll you will easy get the football statistics needed: team stats, tournament stats or head to head matches stats. If you want to save your time spent on football predictions or searching the match results, football statistics software SocAll is right choice for you!

Main Program Features

- team stats, results, round by round, form, fixtures, series.
- league stats, results, round by round, tables, fixtures.
- comparative statistics, head to head matches stats, predictions.
- favourite teams, their latest and forthcoming matches.
- squad teams and formation(139 teams): England(20), Spain(20), Italy(20), France(20), Germany(18), Russia(16), Netherlands(5), Portugal(3), Turkey(3), Greece(4), Ukraine(2), Belgium(3), Romania(3), Scotland(2).

Update of Match Results and Football Stats

SocAll supports daily update of the program databases via the Internet, therefore on your desktop you will always have the results of the latest played matches and the freshest information for analysis of forthcoming matches. This feature is available only in registered version.

At the moment program includes the results of the following tournaments

Championship(42): Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, England(1,2,3), Finland, France(1,2), Germany(1,2), Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy(1,2), Japan, Netherlands(1,2), Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia(1,2), Scotland, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain(1,2), Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, Hungary.
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